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    Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    Hello All,

    I am a newbie to this wonderful world of robots and was lucky enough to score a GM Fanuc Arcmate with all the fixings(controller and teach pendant) for what I thought was a very reasonable price. Unfortunately i do not have 3 phase power and not much working experience with it, though I am beginning to educate myself.

    I have a 220v single phase hook up, the controller has a 3 phase transformer wired for 220v with a 2.5 kW rating. What are my options for getting three phase? rotary, static, VFD? Any information on the topic would be extremely helpful, I'm beyond eager to power this thing up.


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    Re: Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    I use a 40hp rotary phase converter to power a CNC Mill n CNC Lathe. I can run both machines at same time and believe if needed I could add a 3rd. It uses 100amps from my single phase house utility. And really doesn't cost as much as I thought it would.
    Good luck.

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    Re: Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    Thanks John! I was originally thinking about purchasing a rotary phase converter but I would like to keep this relatively low budget and only really need a converter to suit the controllers power requirements. That being said, VFD or static seem to be more affordable options but I'm curious if they will be able to work with the controller assuming I purchase one with the proper power rating.

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    Re: Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    I found my phase converter used. 1/4 cost of new. If unit is asking for 240V 3phase, all power requirements should from primary in.

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    Re: Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    Perhaps I'll do some searching around on to see if I can find a used one. Otherwise I know of a place in town that has a mountain on industrial motors and could probably build one for relatively cheap and then buy an electrical panel.

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    Re: Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    Any thoughts on my power requirements? The 3 phase transformer inside says 2.5 kVA, in terms of horsepower is approx. 3.5HP. Should I be be looking for 4+ HP converter?

    Also any experience building a converter, I've read through a number of threads here and elsewhere that talk about so called "dirty power" and its use in sensitive electronics. Of course if I were to build one I would do it properly but I want to make sure it wont all be in vain.

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    Re: Power Options for GM Fanuc Arcmate

    joey- you dont "need" 3 phase. use at own risk, but its worked for me since 1995 on my bridgeport, speed limited due to my 120 / 240 reverse connected transformer size, and my arcmate runs completely fine off a 120 extension cord at full speed- with a 1.5 kva 120/240 reverse connected transformer...

    hook your 220 into the left and center terminals on your breaker, let the right leg float- it only feeds the right hand pot of the three phase transformer...VERIFY YOUR SERVO TRANSFORMER AND MULTI TAP CONTROL TRANSFORMER PRIMARIES ARE TAPPED FOR 240! most will be set up for 480... on the servo transformer 185/200 OUTPUT black wires, remove the right leg and reattach it on top of the middle leg screw...in effect this results in putting one leg of 200 to all the servo drives input terminal 'A', and the second leg into BOTH terminals "1" and "2", it fools the phase detection on 6047/6050/6057/6058 amps. it wont work on a 6066, the regen circuits on those are just a r-c coupled thing- a 6066 will try to run, but the regen will start smoking in seconds...

    each drive has a breaker under the bottom of the boards- i'd shut all three off, and unplug the power supply input black plug- so nothing but the contactor/transformers boot up first try...chick power on, test voltage at drives from "a" to '1', and from "a" to "2" on the bottom drive terminals, you need to see 170 to 220 volts...it wont run at under 170, and regens will start smoking at about 225 volts or higher- if tapped right you should be at 200. power off, flip breakers on, plug supply in and go.

    I made up a 'jog box' back around 1990 that runs off a cord to jog axes on machines under construction without a control mounted yet, we have used it 30 years and ive never had any issues with it still, rewired my 6047 dc servo bridgeport to run off 120 plug in 95, its still going too- but i cant move all three axes at 100% simultaneously, due to my little 500 va xfmr trying to make the 240... on 'real' 240 single phase power, I'm sure these would run near full power.

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