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    Power Supply/Transformer Question

    Hey everyone, thanks for (hopefully) taking a look at my question.

    I'm converting a PM-30MV machine to cnc. I have a question about the power supply for the motors/drivers.

    I'm thinking of picking up 2 of these (X and Y):

    and 1 of these (Z):

    To power all of that, I'm looking at one of these:

    My issue is, everything I'm seeing tells me that I can power the drivers directly from the 64VAC transformer, but I just wanted to make sure. I see a lot of people going the unregulated, DC power supply route (like on the Franco site among others) and wondered why bother with the extra components if you can just run the drivers straight from the AC. Any help is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I've provided enough info.


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    Re: Power Supply/Transformer Question

    According to the specs, that 64VAC transformer would work fine.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Power Supply/Transformer Question

    clearly the driver has a built in rectifier and smoothing capacitor and so you can power it with AC, and as Jim says its well within spec.

    You could also use a DC power supply, any where up to 110VDC. The only advantage I would see is that should you ever decide that you want to replace the driver
    with another, which only has DC input, you are somewhat constrained. Whereas if you used a DC supply then any other driver would be fine. Small issue really.


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    Re: Power Supply/Transformer Question

    Thanks so much for the quick replies. I really appreciate it. Sounds like I'll just go with the AC power on the driver.

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