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    Power supplying question

    Hey there! I got a quick question, I was looking to see if anybody happened to know about supplying power to a uc300eth-5lpt motion controller. It requires an external 5vdc power supply (that supplies more than 0.5 amps). So I have a phone power supply that meets these requirements but I was curious why I don't see others using a phone power supply. My question is as follows; is it okay to use a phone power supply rather than one of those metal enclosed box power supplies?? Would there be any reasons against using a phone power supply??

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    Re: Power supplying question

    I have used ''wall wart'' supplies for a number of applications like that with no problems. When I retire electronic stuff that is wall wart powered I always save the power supply for this kind of project.
    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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    Re: Power supplying question

    A 5V phone charger or a similar "wall wart" will work fine. Just stick to something more or less reputable, not $0.99 eBay junk.

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    Re: Power supplying question

    I do the same, I have a collection of these "wall warts" and they are very handy around the shop

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    Re: Power supplying question

    I think it is alot easier to use a 'proper' power supply due to the fact that a 'wall wart' is designed to plug into a power outlet.
    That is a little difficult when you want to locate it inside a CNC electronics enclosure. Not impossible, just more trouble than its worth.
    Just my thoughts....

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