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    Powerful precise and mobile CNC for steel milling

    Hello all, for the last few years I have been designing a CNC machine that has the following features:
    - spindle is powerful enough to be used for steel milling using typical end mills size and speeds/feeds as per tool manufacturer recommendation.
    - easy to build with no special instruments, however it can produce components within 4 thou (0.1mm) tolerance.
    - the machine size and the work envelope can be easily customized.
    - low weight, on wheels, in order to be easily moved to a different location or inside a shop.
    - the Z axis containing the processing head can be exchanged in order to use the machine for multiple manufacturing processes: milling, laser cutting, carving, etc, etc
    - it can accommodate any motion card, CAM software or operating system (Linux or Windows)
    - ATC with 5-10 tools
    -vibrations produced during machining will not have an impact on the machine performance, maintenance or lifecycle.

    Recently I have finish the prototype and posted the frame CAD files on Grabcad https://grabcad.com/library/powerful...teel-milling-1
    During the prototype build iterations I have tested and recorded the vibrations levels for milling aluminium and steel. I will follow up with more vibration measurements shortly.

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    Re: Powerful precise and mobile CNC for steel milling

    Have you actually built this thing and tested it on steel? If so, could you post some actual photos of it, and some videos of it cutting steel? If not, how did you manage to quantify its accuracy?
    Andrew Werby

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    Re: Powerful precise and mobile CNC for steel milling

    seeing is believing. From personal experience cutting steel or stainless is a WHOLE different experience than copper/brass/aluminum
    and I've yet to see a 'router' style CNC machine do a credible job.


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    Re: Powerful precise and mobile CNC for steel milling

    Sorry for late response. I am working on video and vibration analysis in the same time. Formatting the results will take some time.

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