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    Powering vmc10

    Have a vmc10 with 10hp spindle.
    Need a rotary phase converter to run it.
    I'm in Australia so have 240v single phase and only 40amps in my shed.
    I've read plenty of people saying you can run them off small converters 5+ hp as long as taking small cuts which is fine by me.
    I can get a 8kw cnc rated converter ( with 95% efficiency ) which requires 40amp input.
    But ive come across a 6kw model ( same brand as 8kw and only 30amps ) for a lot cheaper.
    Just want to comfirm that it will run the machine. Like I said ill only be taking light cuts and mostly aluminum work.
    The converter will only be powering this one machine.
    So would i be ok with the 6kw/ 8hp model?

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    Re: Powering vmc10

    You don’t need a converter. If your voltage is stable under 245v you can wire it up single phase. Easiest with a single phase transformer but it could be done with the normal 3phase transformer.

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