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Thread: PP 2.5.2

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    PP 2.5.2

    Fixed Issues in this version:

    • Typing ADMIN in the MDI Line DRO field displays a list of possible commands. We fixed an issue where using a mouse to click one of those commands could also click an item behind the list (like buttons in the Persistent Controls section, or lines of code in the G-Code window).

    • We fixed issues where:
    o The 4th axis appeared to stall when it ran a G93 line, because it incorrectly interpreted the F word as the number of minutes(rather than 1/[number of minutes]).
    o The feed rate was too large with G93 and some G1 moves (with large A-axis motion and very small X,Y, or Z motion).
    o Improvements in PathPilot v2.5.1 to G43 unintentionally made some actions on the ATC tab unreliable.

    • In some situations, the set startline feature failed to run with programs that used G33/G76 threading cycles. This has been fixed.
    • We removed the tool path's green Refresh button, because the tool path now automatically refreshes.
    • You can now use the 100% Override buttons (for feed rate, spindle rpm, and maximum velocity) during G-code execution.

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    Re: PP 2.5.2

    I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly I updated from 2.0 to this in one go. A lot of improvements since 2.0 came out.

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