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    PP v2.7.4 released

    PathPilot v2.7.4 Highlights:
    • We resolved an issue where in some situations, using non-Tormach USB devices or hubs prevented the ATC firmware from updating.
    • We added a fix for 1100 M/MX ATCs using the latest on-board stepper driver that occasionally reported communication errors during tray referencing.
    • We fixed an issue where some normal usages of the R / P word in G74 were incorrectly reported as an error.
    • We improved older 440 ATCs using off-board stepper drivers by adjusting tray rotation parameters for smoother motion.

    For release notes and more information on this version as well as feature suggestions and issue reporting visit the Tormach website Software Support Section.

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    Re: PP v2.7.4 released

    Installed this last night since I was in front of the machine anyway doing some checks and maintenance. Haven't actually run anything since installing it, just jogged the table around doing my checks but nothing immediately popped up as a problem.

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    Re: PP v2.7.4 released

    We fixed an issue where some normal usages of the R / P word in G74 were incorrectly reported as an error.

    Nice of them to tune this.
    Sprutcam had a setting in threading operations that was getting reported as an error. I was looking at different lathe post to see if i could zero in on a fix but it was in PP and they fixed it
    I run a few parts on lathe with no problems. And tested the threading operation with equal depth-pass setting that was causing error and it no longer a problem.
    It did act like I needed to hit start more than I should. Had me looking if block was enabled or something else.

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