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    Precision CNC machined parts and prototypes in Europe

    Need a prototype or a small production run of your parts? We provide fast turnaround precision CNC machined parts in Europe. No minimum quantity required.

    We specialize in machining non-ferrous metals, in particular aluminium alloys, and plastics. A few examples of the parts we have machined can be found here.

    Website: cnc-proto.eu


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    Precision Machined Parts Manufacturers - DeccanEW

    Deccan Engineering Works specializes in manufacturing of precision machined parts. Precision CNC machining is the process of cutting metal parts. These precision machined parts fabricated out of hardened and high class steel to make sure robustness and sharpness. We customize these precision machined parts as per clients specifications and offered at effective prices. Our products also used in aerospace, medical, gears, defense and mechanical engineering industries.

    To create precision machined parts easily, our industry is equipped with CNC machines:
    • 5-Axis machining
    • CNC Milling and Turning Centres
    • Strainer Basket
    • Derlin Cam
    • Aerospace Components
    • CNC Drilling

    We are continuously expanding our range of diverse precision machining process to be able to offer an optimum solution for your specific requirements. The process of machine departs manufacturing involves removing of excess from any material, allowing it to reach a high level of tolerance and especially important in the production of products with many small parts to ensure that they can fit precisely. Some tools used in process include milling and drilling machines, lathes and electric discharging machines with computer controlled precision machinery designed to remove substrate material.
    Our precision machined parts manufacturing process include:
    • Material Preparation
    • Milling
    • Turning for cylindrical parts
    • CNC Machining
    • Grinding Machines
    • Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Our manufacturing team for precision machined components, as part of Deccan Engineering Works capable of cutting components to your specifications. We are proud in supplying high precision machined components. We fabricate and shape different parts of any material into smaller parts enabling them to fit exactly where they are needed. Our wide range capabilities execute high precision machined components in any volume.

    Contact us: 9657039991 / (0253) 6646234
    Visit us: http://www.deccanew.com/precision-machined-parts.php
    Mail us: sales @deccanew.com
    <a href="http://www.deccanew.com/precision-cnc-machining.php" target="_blank">Precision CNC Machining</a> | <a href="http://www.deccanew.com/precision-machined-parts.php" target="_blank">Precision Machined Parts</a> | <a href="http://www.deccanew.com/cnc-machining-india.php" target="_blank">CNC Machining India</a>

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