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    Nov 2021

    Precision Milling machine

    I want to buy a precision and rigid milling machine to make small size aluminum boxes but for small or medium production. also I should use a CNC kit to have a CNC milling machine.
    The backlash must be lower than 0.025mm or 0.001" and the accuracy should be 0.02mm. I'm thinking of buying a WABECO F1210HS ISO30 with Ballscrews but how rigid is the machine? I should spend $7000 for the WABECO F1210HS. Fortunately the spindle speed is 100 to 7500 RPM so it's good for roughing and finishing.

    I have found another milling machine from Optimum company, OPTImill MH 25V, the price is $4000:

    The spindle speed of the OPTImill MH 25V is 200 to 4000 RPM. As I use the end mills with a diameter smaller than 10mm (3mm to 6mm) so sometimes the speed should be higher than 4000RPM!

    You see the cutting speed etc for the OPTImill MH 25V at page 32 and 33 of the below document:

    Could you please suggest me a suitable milling machine?

    I want to produce such instruments:


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    Re: Precision Milling machine

    I think you are going to have a hard time consistently hitting .001" or what I would assume you mean to be +/-.0005" on any of those machines. I can get pretty close to that on my G0704, but it's taken literally years of experience and adjusting of the machine, and I'm still not exactly there. Can I make various items inside that tolerance, yes. Will it do it on every part I make? Definitely not. There is your issue.

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    Re: Precision Milling machine

    Same as CL_.
    I've been at mine for a good while on and off too. I can get lash down to 0.025mm but my DFU ball nuts are jammed together so tight the machine rapid speed is compromised.
    You end up with some kind of screw/nut/mount or other flex no matter what you do with it.

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    Re: Precision Milling machine

    I agree that the machines you are asking about will not consistently meet your requirements for every dimension.

    But looking at what you intend to make I would not agree that every dimension needs to be less than .001".

    The only parts that look very precise are the ones with 4 ground rods going through them ( and I think if you are careful and imaginative they can be made on these machines). All the other stuff is very easily made on both of the machines you ask about ( if they have good ball screws, motors and controllers).

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    Nov 2021

    Re: Precision Milling machine

    Yes, 0.02mm accuracy is not for all the parts, but I mean I want a rigid and precision milling machine for small and medium production.

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    Re: Precision Milling machine

    You guys across the pond have different options than here in the US, but the main thing is going to be your experience and time at that price range. You can do the critical tolerance drilling, boring, facing, etc. manually and achieve that precision, but it will take time and experience, and probably a combination of cnc and manual machining on more than just one machine.

    (Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and are not necessarily those of CNCzone and its management)

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    Nov 2021

    Re: Precision Milling machine

    What should I do? WABECO milling machines are made of Aluminum but made in Germany!!!

    Which milling machine do you suggest?

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