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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Okuma > Preparing lb15ii-m for transport
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    Preparing lb15ii-m for transport

    Hi guys
    We brought a 1997 lb15ii-m that gets picked up next week.
    Normally I would find away to lock the turret from moving during transport to avoid damage.
    With a vdi turret it isn't as easy.
    Question is do you guys usually lock turrets prior to moving or am I being over cautious


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    Re: Preparing lb15ii-m for transport

    The machine normally has shipping brackets that prevent the X andZ axes from moving during shipment. The turret is supported from the bottom using an L bracket that bolts to the bottom of the X axis and there is normally a bracket that goes between the Z cross slide and the base. You should be able to spot some holes where the bolts go. Check the electrical cabinet because sometimes they put the shipping brackets in there.
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    Re: Preparing lb15ii-m for transport

    No brackets.
    Rigged up something with the tail stock. Hope it travels well.

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