We have a small prototype shop and we want to have our own press brake and not always have to rely on external sources.

We are located in Vietnam so it is fairly convenient for us to buy direct from China and get it over here by truck. We have looked at a few machines online and to be honest we have no clue what to look for.

We want an NC 2-axis machine (do one need more axis for simple jobs?). We mostly need to bend small sheets but we plan to make some large stainless (1mm) workbenches, 2300mm long, later so we thought we might go for a 2500mm machine.

The small items we have are 3mm 5052-36 aluminum not longer than 1200mm, but mostly only 100-300mm wide. We have got really good prices, so low so we are getting concerned about the quality.

So this is the reason why i'm posting here. I'm a press brake beginner so i hope for some advice here: What should we pay attention to? What are the parts that they may cheap out on? The controller is an Estun E21 and the X-axis has a single servomotor with timing belt (looks cheap), and they are asking around $6000 EXW for a 40t2500mm...

All suggestions and directions are highly appreciated. Thanks