I have a part that I make quite a few of. It is about 12" round with a 1" flange 3003 Aluminum 16Gauge. Which makes it some what of a headache to form manually. Up to this point I form the flange with a bead roller, shrink-stretch, air hammer then sand. I have been wanting to simplify this process for awhile as well as speed it up. So here was my first attempt.

I ventured down the press forming rabbit hole. I modeled up then machined a simple punch and die out of oak to test. Added 1/2" steel plates top and bottom for reinforcement. I had somewhat good results for a first try. Although not perfect, not a scrapped part. I do however want to improve the part out of the press if possible. I'm completely new to press forming so if anyone could point me in the right direction. I greatly appreciate any experience anyone is willing to share. I will post pics below of my results.

I Just read where annealing the aluminum could help. Would it prevent the wrinkling altogether since there is so much shrinking and stretching going on for a 90deg flange?