Trying to fix a turret issue, on a new acquisition for us, now another issue that is higher priority as I cannot change parameters if this is not fixed.

In my keyboard apparently the rows that contain the numbers 789 and the row below that one are not working properlly (starting at the SHIFT key until the numbers, so the full line).
If I press for example:

9, on the display appear 96
6, it also appears 96

7, it appears 74
4, it appears 74 also

this happens to the full row, including the letters. The top row will be displayed first even if it is not the pressed key.
I have removed the front panel and cleaned the back of the keyboard that was not really dirty. Looking at the back of the keyboard, it looks ok, no visual damage is present so I am looking for suggestions.

Included are pictures of the keyboard back after cleaned and the connection wiring that goes to the inside of the control cabinet.
I have not opened the cabinet yet.

Attachment 473960
Attachment 473962