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    Pro 408 at home? energy usage,

    Does anyone have a pro 408 at home? I'm considering buying a pro 408 but can a pro 408 run in a regular house garage if I have the 4 220v outlets installed and? an electrician told me it would cost 1000 dollars on the energy bill to run it for 8 hours...is that true?!? Does machining with a 408 really cost over 100 dollars an hour in just electricity?!?

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    Re: Pro 408 at home? energy usage,

    I would say your electrician misplaced a decimal point a few places when he did the calculation. Unless your electricity costs $75/KWH then no. My shop power bill for the month of September was $137.12 That is with a 7.5kW spindle lathe and a 7.5kW spindle mill running about 12 hrs/day, 7 days/week for the entire month. This was also my highest power bill of the entire year. Normally averages about $112. Looks like the daily average is around $3.50 over the last 2 weeks.
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