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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > PlanetCNC > "Probe Lock" for G00 and G01 travel possible?
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    "Probe Lock" for G00 and G01 travel possible?


    I noticed that I can enable "Probe Lock" for Jogging. This stops the jog movement correctly when my probe gets triggered. That's quiet useful to avoide breaking the probe when moving it against an obstacle.
    However this only works when moving manually with the Handwheel or Keyboard.
    When moving with G00 and G01 a triggered probe is ignored.
    I know that I can set the Estop options for the Probe (Either for the Probe in general of for the Input) But this is hart stopping everything. Is it somehow possible to get just a movement stop like with the jogging but for G00 and G01?

    I sometimes have the issue that I got the numbers wrong in the probing dialog and the Probe plunges down into the Workpiece during the automatic measurement (Tab for example), a probe lock would prevent any damage to the Probe.
    On the Other hand my probe seems to be a bit sensitive and tends to trigger sometimes during rapid G00 moves, a full estop resets far too much of the system in this case. A movement stop till the probe is no longer triggered however would work in those cases.

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    Re: "Probe Lock" for G00 and G01 travel possible?

    "Probe Lock" setting us used when you are manually probing. In most cases it is not needed but sometimes probe signal vibrates. This setting prevents this situation.
    You can enable "Probe EStop" setting. This will trigger e-stop is probe is triggered unexpectedly during G00, G01,.... Note that hard limits must be enabled for this to work.

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