I am a hobbiest with a CNC 6040 5-axis mill with Mach3. I desire to mill 3x3x3 inch copper shapes. I have not been able to successfully configure Mach3 Home, soft-limits, configuration settings. I have watched all the uTube videos on the subject to no avail. Everytime I try, the tool goes where it shouldn't. I do understand Machine coordinates vs work corrdinates(G54).

The mill table is approx 32 x 25 inches with limit switches at each end of the X, Y, Z axes. To limit the homing function I wish to define the virtual table (machine coordinates area) to 12"x12" centered in the middle, with the "soft limits" to an 8x8 inch in the middle of the table.

I have been flogging this dead horse for a couple weeks now and I'm getting very frusterated.

Can anybody help?