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    Problem with 3040 software USB Controller

    Hello all

    I am new to this website. I have quite a bit of experience with traditional industrial CNC machines and 3D printers and decided to purchase a simple Chinese made CNC wood engraver to play around with as a hobby. I purchased the cheapest 3040 for sale on eBay, just to see if I actually like it and would use it before spending significant money on a better machine. Long story, but the machine arrived damaged with no software and a bad power supply. I got some of my money refunded and replaced the 24 VDC power supply, but I have not been able to figure out the software. It has a JP-382C USB controller board. This board has the square USB B Type female connector on it. It did not come with the cable either, so I pilfered one from a USB printer. From what I can gather on the forums, this board uses a driver pirated from Planet CNC in conjunction with a pirated version of Mach3. Additionally as I understand it, a .DLL file must be placed in the plugin folder on Mach3 to make it work.

    I have downloaded a Mach3 program from ChinaCNCZone.com as their products look most similar to mine. Their link to the USB CNC driver is dead, so I have downloaded several different versions of the Planet CNC driver and tried to make it work with the Mach3. I have also tried downloading several different .DLL files including RnRMotion.dll, NcUsbPod.dll, and H341PT.DLL, but none of these seem to work. I don't know if I have the wrong driver or the wrong DLL file or even a bad version of Mach3. I did try a bunch of alternative USB drivers, but the controller board did not seem to recognize them. I have also tried the Planet CNC TNGV2 software, but it says it will not work with older USB controllers. Ultimately, I have no problem buying an upgraded controller board and software, but before I spend the money, I would like to make sure the thing works as the board and software costs as much as the 3040 cost.

    My hope is someone here has the files necessary to make this work or can explain to me what else I need. Any input will be much appreciated.

    Thank you

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    Re: Problem with 3040 software USB Controller

    getting these cheap Chinese junk machines to work properly is a battle. Mostly the mechanical parts are OK and good value but the electronics tend to be rubbish.
    Get yourself a US or European made motion controller and you'll never look back.

    I would not bother with Mach3, all development ceased on it seven years ago, get Mach4 instead. I use Mach4 ($200 license fee), an Ethernet SmoothStepper ($180)
    and my own made BoB, but one or maybe a pair or C10's ($23 each) will do fine.


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    Re: Problem with 3040 software USB Controller

    * ferrellrm*
    You can check also Pokeys products:
    Polabs team, develop, produce very good USB CNC controllers:
    Some links:
    Also, you can check Polabs News/Blogs:

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    Re: Problem with 3040 software USB Controller

    I have the same controller board part number and have the software CD that goes with it as well. Will be willing to share if you have not found a solution yet.

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    Re: Problem with 3040 software USB Controller

    Hi, I read your post to ferrellrm and also checked out the poscope.com link. The JP 382C board (at least mine) is a controller board as well as having the Toshiba stepper motor drivers mounted on it. The poscope.com board appeared to be a controller board only without the stepper motor drivers. How would you handle the missing drivers with the poscope.com board? Thanks

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    Re: Problem with 3040 software USB Controller

    the Toshiba ICs that are used as stepper drivers are pretty modest affairs at best, they tend to blow up. Also they are only any good up to 24V or maybe 36V, when you really want to run your
    steppers at 60V plus. For that purpose buy standalone stepper drivers, useful ones are around $30 each whereas some kick arse 80V ones might be $60-$80 each.


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