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    Problem with Backlash setting

    Good morning,
    on my new CNC milling machine, I use the Mk3 / 9, TNG and closed loop stepper motors with encoder. Everything works perfectly, except the backlash. My Z axis, for several reasons, is the only one without a ballscrew, so I have to compensate for about 5/100 of backlash. But with that setting I have some problems. In MDI, if I give the command G1Z275F250 it is executed regularly. If after I give the command G1Z0F250, at the end of the path the dro of that axis marks 0.050 (exactly the amount of the set backlash). If, on the other hand, I try to reach the same position with the wireless MPG jog (original), near the Zero, the system begins to search for the position and never stops.

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    Re: Problem with Backlash setting

    nobody with the same problem?

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