Dear Sir,
We have one HMC machine from DAHLIH as above . Due to some reason machine parameters lost. Now we want to load all parameters to the system , we are following the process of loading as given below ,but system is not responding as needed. we are following process-

NC on with 7 and 9 pressed simultaneously.
IPL screen comes on as below
1- dump memory
2- set file
3- clear file
4- file
5- setting
6- end IPL
? 99 (input)
? 23678625 (input)
? 37264699 (input)
? 19261161 (input)

here our system comes back to IPL mode and not going to ask for AXIS ?
and we are unable to proceed further for entering the option parameters 9000 series.
we all ready have all the required parameters in soft as well as hard form.
we feel pass word may be wrong ,but confirmed these are ok and getting typed from the MDI key pad perfectly.
Memory card Base 0 card seems to be ok (A16B-2200-0520/11A) as the machine was working perfectly just before loosing the DATA.
Data were lost due to human mistake.
DAHLIH may change the standard pass word of fanuc ? or some other problem may be there.

we are now looking for your help to go head.

thanks and awaiting for your kind reply.