This is my first post on this forum

I installed an old CNC milling machine with a controller Fanuc Series O-M.
The machine is a Milling Yeong Chin Machinery, Type: MAX-3HP

The system firmware version is 0469 - 10
The servo firmware version is 9046 - 09
The PMC (PLC in Fanuc speak) type is PMC A1 - 01

When I turn on the machine, I have the message :
1015 pot inp alarm

And, when I try to get the spindle running, I have the message:
1002 Zero point missed.
The table is homed correctly at x=0, y=0, z=0

All amplifiers indicate "ready" with a 0 error code.

Now, I am looking for the manual of this machine

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks for any help