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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > PlanetCNC > Problem with my probe [CNC : JP-382C | SOFT : CNC UCB Controller (v:2.10.1807.2601)]
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    Unhappy Problem with my probe [CNC : JP-382C | SOFT : CNC UCB Controller (v:2.10.1807.2601)]

    Hello to the community!

    I recently bought a CNC 3020 4 axes on Amazon.
    The model of the control board is JP-382C.
    I am using the "CNC USB controller" software from planet CNC version: 2.10.1807.2601.
    I don't know if I configured my software incorrectly or if the cnc is faulty, but I have a problem.

    My problem is : when I put down my Z axis (decrease the value) and when I activate the probe, my cnc does not stop.
    However, when I increment the value on Z and the probe is activated, my machine stops moving on the Z axis.
    Yet in the limit parameters I have activated single input and the stop limit switch for Z in + and -.
    I specify that my probe is connected in IO on the Limit 3 and that when it activates I have a color change on the Z line in the software.
    It seems that the software stops the movement in the positive direction and not in the negative direction.
    This has the consequence that when my tool touches the probe, it is impossible for me to raise my milling cutter. It is, therefore, complicated for me to carry out the zero for the Z, the offset of the tool as well as the bed leveling ...

    The ideal would be to be able to reverse the stop function. Set the stop function in the "-" direction and not in the "+" direction.
    I've been looking for solutions on the web for 2 days and i have testing different settings, but nothing.

    Someone would have had this problem or have an idea, a solution or even a script?
    At the same time where can I find the documentation to create scripts?


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    Re: Problem with my probe [CNC : JP-382C | SOFT : CNC UCB Controller (v:2.10.1807.260

    Probe should be connected to input pin, not to limit pin.

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    Re: Problem with my probe [CNC : JP-382C | SOFT : CNC UCB Controller (v:2.10.1807.260

    Hello to the PlanetCNC team,

    I'm afraid I won't be able to place the probe on an input pin ...
    On the CNC board the only connectors present are JST type connectors, there are some for:
    -X Y Z G (I'm guessing these are for the limit switches)

    Two JST VH type connectors:
    -out DC24V

    There are also two locations on the PCB without connectors; PWM-OUT and EN / ON.

    I link an image of the board found on the internet: https://www.mikrocontroller.net/atta...7440/Front.jpg

    I did not prescribe it, but I am in USB.

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