Hi guys,

I tried it with the search function, but I can't find a solution to my problem.

I bought a set from ebay, Nema 34 878oz 2A 8 wire step motor, DM860 driver, power adapter and a DB25-1205f breakout board. There was no manual and I couldn't find the correct wiring. EVERY shown wiring on YouTube looks completly different. I tried many of them, but none responses to Mach3. Maybe it's a wrong config in Mach3, maybe a wrong wiring. Is there an idiot proof step by step solution on the web? I couldn't find the right one...
I'm fighting since days with this problem!

Kind regards and thanks in advance

Edit: The motors are wired correctly to the driver, the problem is the wiring from the BOB to the driver and the Mach3 settings