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    Problem with "Start from Selected Line"

    I and a friend of mine have a request.
    He has e.g. As a result of this, a graver holder was destroyed. I already have 2-3 workpieces, so just material and work.

    So please. Is it possible with the next update to have the software handled differently with "Start from Selected Line"?

    The problem is that the machine moves all axes to the start coordinates at the same time, if the machine is not there. This can lead to collisions with the workpiece or add-on parts on the machine table. As it happened to us.
    We would like the Z-axis to be moved to a safe height first. Then only to XY of the program line ...

    Or simple question, which script do I have to change?


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    Re: Problem with "Start from Selected Line"

    OnStart script like this:

    (print,OnStart script)
    (print,  Line: #<line,0>)
    (print,  PosState: X#<posstate_x,3>, Y#<posstate_y,3>, Z#<posstate_z,3>)
    O<chk> if [#<line>]
      (print,  MistState: #<miststate,0>)
      (print,  FloodState: #<floodstate,0>)
      (print,  SpindleState: #<spindlestate,0>)
      (print,  MotorsState: #<motorsstate,0>)
      (print,  LimitsState: #<limitsstate,0>)
      G53 G00 Z#<_tooloff_safeheight>
      G53 G00 X#<posstate_x> Y#<posstate_y> 
      (dlgname,Start From Selected Line, opt=1)
      (dlg,Click OK to continue from line #<line,0>, typ=label, x=20, w=250, color=0xffa500)
      G53 G00 Z#<posstate_z>
    O<chk> endif

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    Re: Problem with "Start from Selected Line"

    Perfekt! Thank You!

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