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    Problem with Tool # 4


    My name is Isaac and I came across this forum while looking for help for an error on a CNC machine, specifically a FAGOR CNC 8055 machine.

    I have only been in the world of CNC programming for a short time and I am learning as I go.

    My problem is that I use a machine with a magazine of 5 tools. Tools 1, 2, 3 and 5 work correctly, but when I try to access tools 4 I get an error message.

    Specifically, I enter T4 and the following message appears:

    CNC: 0146 Word does not exist

    I would appreciate any help you could give me, and I apologize if I have made the wrong forum.


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    Re: Problem with Tool # 4

    You have a tool table if tool number 4 is not set you have problems

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