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    Problems whit the error pin.

    New motor drivers, new problems with the alarm signal / error pin.
    I have four drivers on my MK3 / 9 controller.
    I use the ALM signals. With the old drivers everything was as it should.
    When a motor went into alarm, the EStop was activated.

    Now with the new drivers, the CL57Y only works as long as no more than two drivers are connected.
    I also tried "Normally Closed", but the ALM signal from the driver is ignored by the error pin.
    I've tested all drivers, I've checked all cables. I checked the driver settings several times and also changed them to test.

    So alo my question, what am I doing wrong.

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    Re: Problems whit the error pin.

    How are alarm signals connected? My guess is that you connected open collector signal in parallel.

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    Re: Problems whit the error pin.

    I've tried both variants. I have now switched to NC and optocoupler. Now it works.

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