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IndustryArena Forum > CNC Electronics > Stepper Motors / Drives > Problems with Lichuan LCDA357H drives (closed loop steppers)
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    Problems with Lichuan LCDA357H drives (closed loop steppers)

    Hi I am trying to setup a small router with LinuxCNC, Mesa5i25+7i76 cards and three Lichuan LCDA357H drives and LC57H380 3 phase motors with encoders.

    I have them running as expected in open loop (switch 6 on) but they don't work in closed loop. There is a small movement and then a three flash error. (which the documentation doesn't cover but I am guessing is encoder related)

    When I put the scope on the encoder inputs I just see 50hz line noise (a significant amount of it) I have everything on the machine ground with its own wire to a central point but the encoder wires do not appear to have a ground. I see the same noise if I check the mid cable connector in the encoder wires.

    so far I am not impressed with these drives or motors based on the poor documentation alone.

    does anyone have an idea of how to proceed?

    thank you


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    Re: Problems with Lichuan LCDA357H drives (closed loop steppers)

    I know it's been many years but I hope this can help someone. the tree flash error code is for missed steps. Your motor can be wired wrong as switching any two phase wires will result in backwards rotation and it will think it's loosing steps due to that. Not sure on other possible causes.

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