Crystallized Glass Artificial Stone Making Machine Automatic Marble 1325 Cnc Router Engraving

v The working size 1300mm*2500mm*600mm
v 4.5KW CS water cooling spindle+ water cooling sprayer.
v 5.5KW fuling inverter
v Taiwan PMI #25 liner guide line
v T-slot working table +water tank
v Fl118 stepper motor+Yako 2811 drive.
v Dust cover for XY axis.
v DSP B18 control system
v 200mm diameter rotary device.(Removable, put on the table, take it off when not in use)
v Welding side plate
v Auto lubrication
v Tool sensor
v Software:Artcam or Aspire
v Voltage 220V 1PH 50/60HZ