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    Profile-based 250x150x100 CNC - enclosed

    As a follow-up to my former post about CNC design:
    I decided to make a smaller and chaper DIY machine. This time it went out from CAD :-)

    Initial goals were to have a small, desktop size, fully enclosed one, that can be also built nad used at home, powerful enough to cut alu. Structural frame and enclosuyre is based on alu profiles from ITEM. Working volume of 250x150x100 I managed to fit within the enclosure of 400x360x525, including all electronics. I used steppers integrated with trapezoidal screws (1,68A, Tr8x2). 10mm linear rails fully supported. SourceRabbit main board with USB. Daedalus spindle, 12kRPM, 0,5kW - one of a few cheap ones available that has a taper directly in motor shaft. Hall sensors on all axes in both directions. Electronics cabinet from alu sheets 1,5mm cut to size at local hardware supermarket, glued together. Milled parts ordered from Poland, some parts 3d-printed, e.g. backlash tuning, The machine runs 4,5m/min after calibration. I spent half a year of evenings to design and build it. It had cost about 3kEUR total. The biggest struggle was with 10mm linear rails supported. Most shops sell crap that cannot be even assembled and is out of spec. wrt. their own drawings.


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    Re: Profile-based 250x150x100 CNC - enclosed

    And this is how it performs. Video:

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