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    Protect rails and bearings from dust

    Hi all,

    I'm looking at getting a kit from Avid CNC and planning to have it installed in the shed (on a farm), which gets very dusty. Does anyone know what sort of dust protector might fit a machine like that to protect the rails, bearings, etc. from dust in the environment? I've looked at accordion bellows, but the ends seem to be squared, but the carriers (e.g., those on the sides) on Avid CNC machines have awkward shapes.

    Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Protect rails and bearings from dust

    Consider just covering the machine with big sheets when not in use. Old bed sheets are cheap
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    Re: Protect rails and bearings from dust

    I've also looked into this a lot. There are some things that could be done. No matter what, you will have to custom make some things.
    I've been cutting aluminum more and it's hard to keep some of the chips off the rails. I saw one type that rolls into a cylinder like a roller shade mechanism. Different material of course. I then saw another person actually use a modified roller shade. They cut the mechanism section off and reattached the end. Put their own material on it. Something like an outdoor fabric.
    It is attached to the x sides and the z sides.
    I also saw some l shaped bellows that seem pretty easy to attach with a couple tapped holes or even using the ones on the z axis.

    I bought mine before they released the y covers. Mine are very similar to theirs. Printed some brackets and used outdoor fabric. Those work great. The x is more complicated though.

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