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    ProtoTRAK B3 M3 Programming

    I’ve recently purchased a 2001 model ProtoTRAK 3-axis bed mill with hopes of starting a small machine shop. Most of my experience has been with 3-axis CNC machines but I wanted to start small and get something with both manual and conversational control milling options. I know enough to be dangerous with modeling and Gcode instruction but I don’t know how that fits into the controller I have. It has an RS232 and LPT port both of which I’m not really familiar with. Whenever I’m in the Program In/Out section I get an error reading one of the floppy drives. The manual I found online doesn’t go into detail for file transfer. I guess my question is can I use a software for CAM and transfer instructions over to my controller to broaden how much I can do with the machine? And is it as simple as getting the Gcode and sending it to the controller through one of those ports? Thanks for the help, I’m not the best with computers so any kind of help is appreciated.

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    Re: ProtoTRAK B3 M3 Programming

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