Meili Robots provides a universal fleet management system for mobile robots – Meili FMS. The solution enables operators to collate their fleet onto one platform, regardless of their types or brands, which guarantees maximised efficiency and operational safety.

Our fully integrated fleet management system can be seamlessly integrated with all enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to automate task allocation and traffic control, leverage data, and streamline processes.

Meili FMS comes with a number of key features:
- User Management & Fleet Management lets you register and manage your robotic fleets based on parameters using different user roles;
- Task Allocation enables users to manage all aspects of their automated and non-automated assignments;
- Map Edition & Enrichment allows users to keep their maps up to date by adding a variety of new details such as safe zones, obstacles, and docking stations;
- Traffic Control predicts real-time bottlenecks and regulates traffic at intersections.

In addition, coming as an integration, there is no need to install additional infrastructure to facilitate automated task allocation. It is purposely built to be easy to onboard, allowing new users of robots to start operating, as well as long-time users to scale their fleet.

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