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    i AM A 100% NEWBIE. I am building my first machine. I have warp9 ess, cnc4ps BOB , Perrerl and Fuchs limit switches. Mach4. I have the sensors powered up with 12volt , the LED turns off and on when I place an object in it's field. The voltage will drop to 1 volt not sensing anything and 12 volt when it does. Because it always has one volt, my ess thinks it's has a signal all the time. I have tied active low and the limit switch reads on all the time. I have tried ever thing I can think of. Does anyone have any suggestion?

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    Wire a 1200 ohm, 1/4W resistor between the output and common (-12V). That should pull the output to near 0V, and draw about 10ma.

    Jim Dawson
    Sandy, Oregon, USA

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