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    PS0317 Alarm while threading

    We just bought a Hwacheon hi-tech 200 B it has a Fanuc oi-TD series control, this is the 1st time this machine has cut any single point thread, while it has done some tapping as a matter of fact that is all this machine has even done is face, drill, bore, and tap. We are trying to cut a 1/2" -14 npt internal thread using G76 canned threading cycle , we brought over a program that has been proven on a Doosan Puma 300 and loaded it into the Hi-tech 200 and we keep getting alarm PS0317 ( Illegal thread command is in the thread cutting cycle ) when it reads the 2nd G76 line, I have changed every single variable in both G76 lines with no success and like I said this is a proven program from another machine that is running Fanuc i-series controls. I listed the program below, but I am thinking there is maybe a parameter that has not been setup and it is making this alarm. Does anyone have the parameter list that is associated with G76 threading, I have all the parameters, but I need to know what parameters the G76 canned cycle uses so I can check them to make sure they are set right?

    n2 (SIR 0500 M16B threading bar with 16IR AG 60 IC250 insert )

    G0 T0606

    G97 S300 M3

    G0 G54 X.5721 Z.2253

    G76 P010029 Q20 R20

    G76 X.8412 Z-.88 P571 Q100 R.0336 F.07143

    G0 Z.2253

    G28 U0. W0. M5



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    Re: PS0317 Alarm while threading

    The control may not have that option enabled.

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    Re: PS0317 Alarm while threading

    I found the problem the difference from this series fanuc and the doosan is the on the 1st g76 line the r value needed a . So ( R.002 ) rather than R20

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    Re: PS0317 Alarm while threading

    Thank you. Solved my problem too. Started having this issue when they disabled the need for. For measurements. So in the g76 the second g76 line doesn't want. On the p or q but on the 1st g76 line the r value wants it.

    Tldr if your machine doesn't need (.) the 1st line r needs it to function.

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