HELP!! Hi, I'm new to this forum. But I need help. The are 2 sets of 2" in dia. rubber wheels which supposed to push or Pull at speed 6"-80" per second plastic tubing 3/8" in dia. The linear force of the action is 18Lb to 25Lb. Imagine a square about 5" and each corner has an axle with 2" dia. rubber wheel countered to shape of 3/8" tubing. I think 34NEMA stepper with pick 1094oz per inch and continues 300oz per inch will be enough to drive all 4 wheels with set of about 2" spur gears. Motor in the center with 2" spur gear and from both side 2 axles for same 2" gears. That taken care for lower 2 pressure wheels. 2 Upper wheels have to rotate opposite direction to lower wheels. So, on motor shaft after first 2" gear is going to be 1" spur gear which will be in contact with 2 other spur gears 2" dia for Upper set of rubber pressure wheels. Now, my Question is: 1. Is it right way to distribute the torque?? 2. Any other suggestions ?? Photo attached shows the sets of rubberized wheels. Thanks for Help