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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > Puma 2500LSY live tooling squeal from turret
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    Puma 2500LSY live tooling squeal from turret

    2 months ago I was not a machinist and was working as a tech in the shop when my boss said "I want you to be a machinist now", to which I was excited. Been trying to learn everything on the fly (boss knows that too) so has been a hectic, but fun, couple of months, and I will do my best to describe things with limited proper terminology.

    First off, I have been trying to look around for duty cycle of stuff to know for sure as I was informed by a coworker that it is 8 hours continuous at 100% and after searching a couple manuals for a while I put that on hold. If any of you know for sure and could point to where its at or at least the book its found in would be great.

    The main issue is the turret developed a squeal while using the live tooling. 2 of our straight live tools went out a couple weeks ago and we sent them off to get new bearings put in. Last week another started to squeal and after stopping and seeing coolant steam coming off from the heat, I swapped it out too. Today it started squealing again so took the tool out but bearing felt good and it was not burning hot, only quite warm to the touch so I swapped it with a tool running 500rpm instead of 5000rpm but the squeal remained. Checked a different tool spot with another tool running at 2000rpm and same thing so then tried an empty spot with no tool at all and same squeal still even as low as 1000rpm. have been running things a bit slower to get a feel for the live tooling so only been at 60-70% max load on the tools (ranging from 1/8" V bit for engraving to 5/8" end mill with helix path) and the squeal started after 3 hours of intermittent live tool use (live tools for an hour, regular turning for 20 minutes then back to live tools).

    Any help with trouble shooting or disassembly tips/manuals would be very helpful. From my mechanic experience it sounds like its a shaft bearing and hoping to find the issue tomorrow so parts can be ordered or the service guys called when things open up again on Tuesday. Thank you very much for any help.

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    Re: Puma 2500LSY live tooling squeal from turret

    This is a duplicate thread if anyone could delete it. Not sure how it happened, sorry.

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