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IndustryArena Forum > MetalWorking Machines > Daewoo/Doosan > puma mx2100st spindle warm up alarm
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    puma mx2100st spindle warm up alarm

    We began getting a spindle warm up alarm after running most of day. Will run a spindle warm up and still get alarm unable to manually start spindle. Powering down machine and starting back up helps from time to time. any suggestions as to what can cause this?

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    Re: puma mx2100st spindle warm up alarm

    Check keep relay K13.4 (KNSPW): Milling spindle warming up function is not available (1), or is available (0). This won't fix whatever is causing the issue but it might get you going until you can get it fixed properly. Also, I'd confirm that keep number by checking in your blue book, should be in the pocket in the electrical cabinet door.

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