Needing help please. Recently purchased and set up a Queenbee Pro 1515 with xPro5, 2.2kw Water cooled Spindle, using CNCjs and Carbide Create.
After a lot of trial and error, and watching of videos, we have most things working.
Trying to run our first small job, a simple trial "V" carve sign.
I homed the machine, then manually jogged to the front left of material. Zerod machine home, and pushed play.
The y-axis moved to what I think was the correct carve starting point, as did z-axis.
X-axis did not. It moved about 350 - 400mm to the left of where I think it should have been and started carving.
The material corner matched the machine distances from Home.
Essentially it looked right, just way over to the left.
I'm thinking it must be a simple parameter that needs setting, but stumped.

Please help if you can! Thanks