Hello all, i have the typical HY 2.2kw vfd that has been running a 1.5kw air cooled spindle for a while now. Recently i found a need for a larger collet so i bought a rattm rtm80x73-2.2.
I had my 1.5kw running perfectly fine through UCCNC and when i changed out for this new spindle i am getting some crazy slow startup. I will list my settings below but the badge on the spindle says 6 amps which im not too sure of. Under the pecker head there is what looks like an option for 380v. Im not sure if this is just something molded into the plastic for other manufacturers using the part or if this spindle is capable of 380. I cant find hardly any information on this spindle on the interwebs.

My problem comes in that i changed the amperage in the vfd from 5 of the 1.5kw to the stated 6 amps and any accel setting over 1.4 takes 8 to 10 seconds at 1000rpm to spool up and i am looking at an amp pull ramping up to 9.2 (im guessing per leg) off the vfd readout before the spindle comes up to speed. Once at speed it runs at a steady 2.3 amps (per leg)? which if it is im thinking something is wrong. If i change the max amperage to 9 amps i can set my startup accel to whatever i like and it smoothly spools up at 2.3 amps with seemingly no problems.

My question is: Am i screwing up by setting the amperage to 9 amps or should i leave it at 6 amps and deal with the really fast startup? Also, is the amperage reading off the vfd per leg or whole? I feel like setting the amperage up has to be a the right move but then again im no expert in this.

Thanks for any help with this.


PD001= 1
PD002= 1
PD003= 400
PD004= 400
PD005= 400
PD006= 2.5
PD007= 20
PD008= 220
PD009= 15
PD010= 8
PD011= 0
PD014= 5
PD015= 10
PD070= 0
PD071= 20
PD072= 400
PD073= 0
PD141= 220
PD142= 9.0 (tried 6.0 and got the startup issues)
PD143= 02
PD144= 3000