I had a question regarding gears and meshing, specifically regarding planetary or inner ring gears.

I cant find much info online and all the images show what could be "Improper" design?

My only caveat is that now that I have been asking, I answer for myself that "If the ring never moves and only provides a path, then no need"...

But if the ring ever rotates, then this is needed to maintain the original design of pressure angles and all the rest....

The question is that the inner pinions are spur gears and the rings INNER gears should be INVERTED and not just NEGATIVE cutouts..

Here is an image to illustrate my ask...

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I have some input from a guy who designed a script with an option for "Inner" and he mentions he just reverses the Addendum and Dedendum in the option for clearance purposes

Info and input and discussion is appreciated,