Hey Folks, new to the forum! I want to upgrade my router to a spindle, i have a Shop Sabre 23, and that things is LOUD. Has anybody done this before? I called them asking them this, and they told me that there's no major issues changing them with another spindle from the one they sell, they just can't offer any support for it.

I can't afford the HSD Spindle they sell (Almost $3K) So i'm looking into some chinese options but my main concerns are:

1. Can i control the spindle through their controller software?

2. If the new Spindle is heavier than the router, is that going to affect my Z stepper motor performance?

3. Is there a way i can connect it to the machine's electronic box so it turns on automatically when starting a job?

4. What is better between Air cooled and Water cooled?

Thanks a lot