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IndustryArena Forum > Machine Controllers Software and Solutions > UCCNC Control Software > Questions with replacing internals of 6040 control box but retaining the VFD
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    Questions with replacing internals of 6040 control box but retaining the VFD

    I bought a 6040 1.5kw 4 axis cheap because it wouldnt move. I had planned on upgrading to a UCCN300eth-5lpt and gecko G540 setup with a new 48v 12a power supply so that would all be replaced. There was no problem with the spindle so I decided to just keep that and the vfd. So this is what im working with, where im at, and what im wondering.

    What I got:
    Chinese 6040CNC beige with CNCEST sticker chassis,
    110V Beige CNC controller box with E-stop, power switch, spindle mode select, and vfd control panel with rpm readout and potentiometer on its face
    Stepper motor cables
    4th axis chuck/tail setup
    water pump for spindle cooling

    What I removed:
    Non working controller board
    4 breakout boards
    old 24V power supply
    4 unmarked nema23 stepper motors

    What I got to replace them:
    48v 12a power supply
    4 NEMA23 600oz 3.5a stepper motors
    Shielded stepper motor cables
    Gecko G540
    110AC to 5DC converter board
    6 proximity switches for homing/limit switches
    z axis probe

    Where I am at with mounting:
    I cut out the back panel to make a space for the G540 and mounted it.
    I 3d printed a bracket to mount the uc300eth where the previous controller was mounted on the underside of the cover.
    Mounted the new PSU, existing VFD, and 110-5 converter to the base panel.
    Retained what I believe is a filter that split power to the old PSU and the VFD. Split off that to feed the 110 to 5 converter.

    Where I am at with wiring:
    VFD is connected exactly as it was before, except there are 4 wires which went to the old controller I believe.
    VFD has red/black wires from filter for power running to the AC110v terminals as before.
    VFD has red/black/green wires with chinese letters running to spindle plug on back of cover.
    Red AVI, Yellow +10v, black COM, white FWD

    The power supply currently has Red/Black wires which ran to previous PSU to input terminals.
    I watched a video from the person I bought the PSU from, and his setup had a red/white/green wiring scheme to the PSU.
    I have the red wire to the terminal he had red, black to white, and green is not connected.
    I will obviously confirm this is correct before I attempt to connect it, but I have other questions I need to have answered and wont be connecting it until they all are

    I added another split coming off the filter to feed 110ac to the 110ac-5dc converter, which is connected to the uc300eth power terminal

    Since I didnt see any other power source for the old controller board I assumed the yellow +10v from the VFD was powering it, is this correct?
    I believe I would need to connect the 4 (or maybe only 3?) r/b/y/w wires from the VFD to the uc300eth?
    What would the AVI, +10v, COM, and FWD wires equate to on the uc300eth?
    On the 110plug where power comes in it outputs to the red/black wires to the power switch, and the 3rd prong has a yellow wire mounted to a screw on the rear panel. Should I run a wire from that to the currently unused 3rd terminal on the PSU?
    I have 3 wire red/black/blue proximity switches.
    Do these connect to the G540 or the uc300eth? (g540 I think?)
    I have 3 pin connectors mounted in the back of the case, do I piggyback all 6 of the prox switches to one connector?
    The case has an unmarked fan mounted inside, I assume its 12v, should this run straight off the PSU or through the uc300eth?

    I know I will have a lot more to figure out and questions once I actually get into connecting the uc300eth and setting up the software, but I want to get everything physically installed and wired properly before I ever flip the power on. I know my terminology is probably wrong and I dont know what the hell I am talking about. I know I am not giving detailed enough information (exact models/specs) on everything so it makes it difficult to give good answers. I know I dont currently have images provided so you have to go off my bad descriptions. I apologize for all of that, and will have great appreciation for anybody who can take the time to help give me some guidance. I should be able to provide pictures of the setup and more accurate information on the specs of the steppers/psu. The VFD I am hopeful somebody will be familiar with, as I think this particular controller box is common and I dont read chinese. I have no plans of plugging this thing in and turning it on until I feel I have all of these questions sufficiently answered and I am confident in the configuration. If you can help, you are the man.

    Please move if this is the incorrect forum for this post!

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    Re: Questions with replacing internals of 6040 control box but retaining the VFD

    Go over to the cncdrive forum and look there at both the hardware and mach3 sections for some bits and pieces. There's a couple of diagrams around there too.

    Get the 10v+ connection on the vfd out of your mind. All that is for is to send power to a manual potentiometer. Then the wpier from that pot dial can send a 0-10v adjustable back to AVI for manual spd control.

    A powered bob with analog 0-10v output basically replaces that vfd 10v.

    Mactec54 is the guru when it comes to vfd on here.

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    Re: Questions with replacing internals of 6040 control box but retaining the VFD

    Hi Follks,

    I'm simply trying to get rid of the bitsense control board in the 6040 cnc unit I have and wire up a stand alone DDCS3.1 unit.
    This DDCS unit comes with the breakout port for connections. I'm just wondering where the AVI wire goes to??

    Many thanks

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