Hi everyone.

Firstly, let me say that I'm not a computer geek, so this is all very very confusing (Im 60
), and I don't know where to turn. I have tried dealing with the supplier, (Ally) but somehow they just go around answering the questions and Im getting no where.

I bought my machine @ 10 years ago. Back then, I was lucky enough to have someone local (who bought the same machine) pop over to my place and set mine up. I never knew the settings- Just used the machine, until recently when the Motion Controller failed.

I bought a new MO-CON0501 card, and hand held controller (same as what the machine was supplied with), and I have replaced both, plug for plug.

BUT, the Motion Control Products manual shows how to navigate through the settings. No where can I find what the settings should be for my machine. After many many hours, I managed to get the 3 axis moving in the correct directions, and got the Z axis height setting tool to work, managed to get it to Home and set the origin. so, I assumed I was up and running again. Not so

Yesterday, I went to cut my first job, and inserted my USB, exactly as I have always done, and went to run the job. On Expensive 10mm Acrylic. My cutting depth was 8mm (two X 4mm cuts). Instead of cutting as expected, I have end up with a cut varying in depth- from 11.5mm to 8mm, and nowhere near where it should be on the material- the cut has moved way past the working area of the job. Obviously, Something is wrong, and I haven't got a clue where to start. What makes matters worse, is that I then had another go at running through the settings and think I've made an error regarding hard stops, as my spindle is at the home position and a warning appears saying its X axis as hit the hard stop, and to move it, but when I do, the only option is to home before I can do anything and it repeats itself, so I'm going round and round. Turning the machine off, doesn't work because the first operation is to home the spindle....

Is there anyone who can help- Ideally with the correct settings, field by field, as I work through the various settings on the hand pendant?

As a side, there is also an electronic box fixed to the front end of my machine with the numbers: '400' flashing in red. Can anyone tell me what this box is as well. What does it do and are there any settings that need to be correct. what settings should it have?

Im based on the Gold Coast (Australia) and can be phoned - if someone local is in the know! 0421359899

Any help would be met with the biggest smile... Honestly!