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    R90LIM Limit Switch Board

    R90LIM Limit Switch Board -up to 200V/56A

    Suitable for R90H/R990H or 3rd party brush DC motor drives.
    CNC independent - easy installation.
    Connected in series with any brush DC PM servomotor.
    56A continuous current.
    220A pulse current.
    Interface to two low power mechanical or optical switches.
    Employs two isolated high current switches.

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    I still dont quite understand what these do? Can someone please explain in laymans terms? Is it like a solid state relay for turning on and off the power supply to servos? What application would they be needed for?
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    Normally you'd wire up your limit switches and estop to your controller board so that when they are tripped your software will be triggered to cut power to the motors.

    These boards will cut power to the motor when the limits are reached and do not interact with the software. It's just a little safer, perhaps a little easier to implement, and prevents dangerous situations if someone misconfigures the software or such.

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    So really it is a solid state contactor?
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    where would the encoder feedback get sent? to another board?

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    Re: R90LIM Limit Switch Board

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