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    Rack and Pinon Drive System for NEW BUILD

    Hey all,

    I'm new to the forum. I'm working on a design for a new CNC router build. I've been working on researching a rack and pinion drive system and hoping for some feedback. I'm building a 4' x 8' to 5' x 10' table. I like what I've seen the DamenCNC anti backlash rack and Pinion system. I worry about the issue of getting a product shipped overseas and the time and cost associated with that. I've also seen the system from Avid CNC, but I worry about the backlash with this type of system. Is there any other products that I can look to to get a preferably anti backlash or dual pinion system that works with Nema 34 stepper motors.

    I'm just worked on repairing a dinky 2' x 4' router table for my company. I'm looking to design and build a large table where we do design/build working with hardwoods. I've been an operator for large industrial machines and I'm looking to create a production level machine using mostly routing hardwoods, and maybe some aluminum.


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    Re: Rack and Pinon Drive System for NEW BUILD

    Anything low or anti backlash rack and pinion drive will likely be quite expensive.

    One option might be to use low or zero backlash gearboxes with helical rack and pinion. But zero backlash gearboxes might be hard to find, and very expensive.

    I'm using this on my new machine, but I haven't assembled it yet. I found some uses zero backlash gearboxes for AC servos for $250 each.

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    Re: Rack and Pinon Drive System for NEW BUILD

    If you can build accurately, there is no need for the spring loaded pinions. If you need them, there is no point trying to use anti backlash components.
    Rod Webster

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