Hi Everyone,

I ordered a Mach3 build OMNI 1224 ballscrew router about a year ago and have been slowly going through the motions of going over the machine assembly, replacing the aluminum z axis mast with a ground steel one, and creating a vacuum system to go over the t-slot aluminum extrusions.

I've removed about .050" deflection at the tool and most of the mechanical issues that the machine shipped with, and at this point I am ready to start improving the drive system. So here's the current setup:

3x FL86STH80-4208A-H stepper motors driving XY and Z ballscrews

3x YAKO YKD2608MH Drivers


24V power supply

Mach3 on a basic windows 10 PC

Currently, the machine is only capable of running stably at around 200 IPM. It's a large machine with enough power to take heavy cuts at higher feed rates than this, so there's a lot of room for improvement here. The machine will run at 800 IPM for a while before randomly stalling one or more of the steppers and losing postion.

My microstep settings appear to be set at 5 microsteps with 1000 PU/rev, which I assume means 1,000 pulses per revolution.

At this setting, I can increase my max feedrates in Mach3 and I still will not exceed 200 IPM on the machine. I'm only able to go at higher speeds by adjusting the microstep settings, but this has not produced stable results for me. Ideally I would like to achieve about 4 times the my current feedrate limits. Is it possible that my setup is simply not able to send steps to the motor fast enough to exceed 200 IPM, and if that bottle neck were to be removed I would be able to hit higher speeds with the same microstep settings?

My electrical experience is very limited, can anyone suggest a different setup for me on the steppers that will produce higher speeds while still running comfortably? I am not opposed to changing out equipment if needed but would like to achieve a decent result with what I have as a starting point first if possible. I purchased a UC300ETH-5LPT motion controller for the build, but OMNI was not able to figure it out and so they shipped it back to me with the machine. I would like to swap this in at some point but it's definitely a little out of my comfort zone to do so.

Thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to your suggestions.