Hi guys,

I have a problem with my RECI W1 co2 laser.
My controller is a Trocen AWC708C Lite and the CO2 power supply is a Cloudray W1 DY10.
Basically the problem is that if I test the laser with the button on the power supply it works very well, I can read about 18/19 mA on the AmpMeter, but when I plug all the power supply controller pins and I test it, it does fire more than 6mA.
I did check the connection hundreds times and I'm pretty sure they are correct.

I also did tried to draw a simple square on LaserCAD setting it to 80% power, but the same thing happen. Laser fires but just with 6mA power.

I did try hours and hours but without result.
I need your help. (I attach also the schema I used for wiring power supply controller).