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    Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    Just picked up a "new to me" Bridgeport TC22. I want to get a 3d probe for hole center finding, edge finding and some simple 2d scanning. I don't need extreme precision, but I'd like enough to accurately measure out dowel pin patterns (maybe within ~.001"). I'm hoping to spend <$300. It didn't seem like even a used Renishaw was within reach.

    I did some research and found about a dozen different units from $110 to $300 (and a few up closer to $1k.

    Manufacturer Model Price Link
    Wildhorse Innovation Econo-Probe $110 Wildhorse Innovations - Econo-Probe 3D Probe & Tool Height Setter
    IM-SRV TP-100 (Fixed) $240 https://cadcamcadcam.com/probe-tp100probe.aspx
    TP-100A (Adjustable) $299 https://cadcamcadcam.com/probe-tp100probe-1.aspx
    Drewtronics S500LED $170 https://drewtronics.org/s5000led
    Engravingbit CNC Probe $250 cnc probe digitizing touch probe MACH3 mill router
    SlavTec Waterproof 3D Digitizing Touch Probe $199 https://www.slavtec.eu/index.php/pro...ruby-ball-tip/
    Crafty CNC Touch Probe $130 http://www.craftycnc.com/touch-probes/
    CNC4PC TP1 $135 https://www.cnc4pc.com/touch-and-too...3-8-shaft.html
    Centroid KP-3 $699 https://www.centroidcnc.com/centroid...uch_probe.html
    Hallmark Design ITTP $745 https://hallmarkdesign.co.nz/probe

    There is a lot of discussion on here about the wildhorse. Cost effective but based on testimonials I might want something a little better if possible. There is a thread on here on the drewtronics and that person liked it. Lots of discussion on the ITTP but I think it is a bit out of my price range.

    Anyone have experience with any of the other units on here?

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    Re: Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    I'm running a drewtronics probe. I would say I'm about 90% happy with it. It is usually withing about .0005". I give it 90% because it will occasionally be off by about .003" My work around it to set up my WCS with the probe. Then I reprobe it and if it is within .001" (usually it is and way more accurate than .001") I know it did not have a random sticking issue.

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