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    Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    Just picked up a "new to me" Bridgeport TC22. I want to get a 3d probe for hole center finding, edge finding and some simple 2d scanning. I don't need extreme precision, but I'd like enough to accurately measure out dowel pin patterns (maybe within ~.001"). I'm hoping to spend <$300. It didn't seem like even a used Renishaw was within reach.

    I did some research and found about a dozen different units from $110 to $300 (and a few up closer to $1k.

    Manufacturer Model Price Link
    Wildhorse Innovation Econo-Probe $110 Wildhorse Innovations - Econo-Probe 3D Probe & Tool Height Setter
    IM-SRV TP-100 (Fixed) $240 https://cadcamcadcam.com/probe-tp100probe.aspx
    TP-100A (Adjustable) $299 https://cadcamcadcam.com/probe-tp100probe-1.aspx
    Drewtronics S500LED $170 https://drewtronics.org/s5000led
    Engravingbit CNC Probe $250 cnc probe digitizing touch probe MACH3 mill router
    SlavTec Waterproof 3D Digitizing Touch Probe $199 https://www.slavtec.eu/index.php/pro...ruby-ball-tip/
    Crafty CNC Touch Probe $130 http://www.craftycnc.com/touch-probes/
    CNC4PC TP1 $135 https://www.cnc4pc.com/touch-and-too...3-8-shaft.html
    Centroid KP-3 $699 https://www.centroidcnc.com/centroid...uch_probe.html
    Hallmark Design ITTP $745 https://hallmarkdesign.co.nz/probe

    There is a lot of discussion on here about the wildhorse. Cost effective but based on testimonials I might want something a little better if possible. There is a thread on here on the drewtronics and that person liked it. Lots of discussion on the ITTP but I think it is a bit out of my price range.

    Anyone have experience with any of the other units on here?

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    Re: Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    I'm running a drewtronics probe. I would say I'm about 90% happy with it. It is usually withing about .0005". I give it 90% because it will occasionally be off by about .003" My work around it to set up my WCS with the probe. Then I reprobe it and if it is within .001" (usually it is and way more accurate than .001") I know it did not have a random sticking issue.

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    Re: Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    What did you ever decide? I am trying to make the same decision right now. I was leaning towards the Slavtec on ebay before i found your post. His looked well made and i liked that it used the Renishaw tips that can be bought anywhere.

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    Re: Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    I ended up finding a used Renishaw MP11 on ebay with the correct cable for my Bridgeport. Still had the invoice from Bridgeport in the box! It was very old and the seals were completely disintegrated but I managed to make a rubber seal. I'm pretty pleased with it. It is clearly a very high quality unit and despite being cheaper than the "cheap" new ones I think it will work better. I realized that there are quite a few of these older Renishaw probes up on ebay that are long since unsupported and the seals are not available any more. I cleaned it carefully, lubricated with CRC dielectric oil, and sealed it up with a hand cut piece of rubber sheet.

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    Re: Recommendations for low cost CNC probes?

    I know this is old but I'm in the same boat and considering the probe system from Engravingbit.com . Does anyone have experience with their probe/tool setter?

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