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    Recommendations for working with graded steel

    For cutting galvanized steel you must use machines with a closed housing and good exhaust. + Personal protective equipment. During work, it is recommended to use cutting gas air or nitrogen to reduce burning of zinc.

    NB! Inhaling the fumes may cause difficulty breathing, chest pain and tightness. Dust with zinc chloride on the skin often causes contact dermatitis, rashes, or chemical burns. Use protective gloves, long sleeves, and safety glasses to prevent zinc dust or fumes from getting into your eyes and on your skin. I have 1325 BASIC WATTSAN. This CNC laser metal cutting machine can be placed in an enclosed cabin to keep you safe.
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    Re: Recommendations for working with graded steel

    This 1325 BASIC WATTSAN is durable machine? How long you work on it?

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