Hi everyone.
Anybody knows who is refilling Coherent tubes from Epilog ?
I send it to Evergreen, they said 2 days turnaround is there for over 2 months.
Is really weird before I send it they answered every email almost instantly, now they dodge me and emails are unanswered for weeks.
I realy do not believe them, when I call they say went in the spam folder, what is not believable since was previous corespondence, and anyway a business not checking the spam folder for weeks?
Also the story changes all the time.
Anyone have some prices.
I was told $850 if direct to them send, if i go ebay route $1150.
Some other seller I forget the name said $500 just to look at it what was strange, Photovac I think.
I do not know any of them.
What are some realistic prices to recharge a 40W Coherent?
Who got previous good experience and knows a vendor personally as being reputable?
Sincerely after the Evergreen experience I thought that I better bring the tube back, and buy a chinese one.
The better one from ERF are $1130, the Gweike ones are $950 but look a bit wanky.
No idea how good they are, but I spoke with 2-3 people with ERF tubes and they say for 1 year no problems,
Well, if for 1130 USD they last one year is better than to pay a 500 usd somebody just to look at an old one.
Just a thought, who knows what is better, but makes no point for such an old machine to put a lot of money in.
Or is any vendor what just exchanges, takes your old one and gives you a efilled one?
Thank you guys.