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    Remote Offset APP Demonstrated in New Gosiger Video

    Gosiger Controls Specialist Jon Weaver shot this video of a Remote Offset application developed for a Gosiger machining cell customer. Using the Okuma Application Program Interface (API) that enables programmers to create Windows®-based APPs for the Okuma OSP operating system, this program provides the cell operators an easy way to adjust tool offsets from outside the cell.
    The APP allows the operator to access information from the CNC machine and use this data to send offset adjustments to the machine tool from a remote touch screen computer via an Ethernet connection. Without this APP the machine operator would have to shut down the cell to manually enter the offsets into the Okuma OSP control and then restart the automation process. The result would be a marked increase in production time. Moreover, without the Remote Offset App, the operator would have to be trained to successfully program the offsets through the control, and be able to properly restart the automation process, leading to the possibility of errors.

    For more information on how custom APPs from the Gosiger Aftermarket Support Department can make your operations run more smoothly, contact Gosiger today.


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    Re: Remote Offset APP Demonstrated in New Gosiger Video

    I am still in shock to see the amazing performance of professional resume services. Because I thought it would be same as the other platform. But it was marvellous!

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    Re: Remote Offset APP Demonstrated in New Gosiger Video

    It's interesting

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    Re: Remote Offset APP Demonstrated in New Gosiger Video

    I've downloaded the manual and it states that user inputs 1-6 are on J2 17 thru 22 of the 1040-2A card and the outputs (1 thru 3) are on J2 - 6 thru 8. spin the wheel

    Can you tell me is this card is standard, or willl the customer need to purchase it?

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